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1. Publish your first job offer 

Fill this form or call this number: 0692939109  (from monday to friday 9.30-18.30) and tell us about your needs

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2. Receive babysitters profiles

In a few hours you will receive the profiles of the babysitters available for your job offers: we will send you the best ones for you and a confirmation of a meeting with them. 

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3. Meet and agree on the specifics of your work relationship

Get together for a first meeting to know each other and decide whether to start working together. Explain in more detail what you need and everything the babysitter will have to know while taking care of your children.

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4. Work with your babysitter and pay easily and safely

Each time the babysitter will start working with your family, she will “check-in”, starting the clock set at the hourly rate you agreed and, when she’s done, she does the “check-out” with the app and stops the clock.

You will not have to worry about anything: the app will automatically calculate the hours of work and will notify you when the credit card you provided is charged with the babysitter’s compensation. Say goodbye to problems of cash and change!

Moreover, the entire time between check-in and check-out is covered by insurance on the house and on the children, so that you can enjoy your day!