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Consigli per trovare la giusta babysitter per la tua famiglia

  • Check References
    Ask the babysitter if she has any references and call those references. Ask how the babysitter was and if they recommend it. If they don’t have references, that’s okay. They may be just starting out, and if you don’t feel comfortable taking them, you don’t need to. If not, you can give them a chance and see how it goes.


  • Grant an
    interview Always interview the babysitter before hiring her. Ask relevant questions and provide scenarios asking what they would do in that situation. For example, you can ask what they would do if the brothers quarreled and started crying. See how they would react and what they would do and make sure you approve it. It is also helpful to give advice. If the babysitter is new and inexperienced, but seems reliable, it’s still okay to hire her and give her advice as she learns how to be a better babysitter.


  • Take a test ride
    Notice the babysitter’s style, teaching skills and playfulness. Observe how it interacts with your children and make sure it is what you are looking for. Make sure your children like the new babysitter and feel comfortable.


  • Trust your instincts
    Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the person you are hiring and trust that you have made the right decision. Finding the right babysitter is a process that can take some time.



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