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Cerchi lavoro come baby-sitter?


Frequent questions

By tell us all your needs and therefore allow us to help you find the perfect babysitter you can:

  • independently publish a proposal on the appropriate form that you find on our site
  • write us in the chat in your reserved area for more information

In both cases you can express all your needs: if you need the babysitter to have a car, if she has to prepare to feed the children, help them with their homework, or even take care of the cleaning, etc.

You can also describe the days and times when you need the babysitter: if you need it occasionally, indicate the time slots in which you frequently need it.

Remember: publishing a proposal is free, there are extra paid services (for example, verification of references).

After the publication of your offer, within a maximum of 24 hours (30 minutes for the last minute) you will receive the profiles of the best babysitters by e-mail with the confirmation of the appointment to give them an in-depth interview (about 30 minutes). The appointments will be set on the dates and times when you have given your availability. The meeting is necessary, both for the parent and for the babysitter, to determine the congruence of their needs and abilities and the empathy necessary to start working together. After the appointment with the babysitter you will be contacted by one of our operators to find out the outcome of the meeting.

Remember: babysitters apply spontaneously and autonomously to job offers, they are not offered by us in any way. If a profile is not compatible, you must call the candidate directly and cancel the appointment (the data is within your reserved area, from the “my proposals” menu and then “show detail”. We recommend that you do at least one telephone interview before excluding it from people of interest.

The right answer is: it depends!

There is no single price, the fee varies according to how many hours per week of work are being guaranteed to the person, what needs they have and the candidate’s experience.

The hourly compensation of the babysitter recommended by us, according to market averages and union minimums, is:

  • between 10 and 12 euros per hour for single services (once only),
  • between 8 and 10 euros an hour for regular jobs (several times) under 10 hours a week,
  • between 7 and 8 euros per hour for between 10 and 20 hours per week,
  • 7 euros an hour for 20 hours upwards.

Remember: the above prices do NOT include 13th month, severance pay and holidays. These, in agreement with the worker, can be spread over the compensation per hour.

What if there are two or three children, does the price increase? And the evening?

We believe that what you pay for is the quality of work of our babysitters during their time: not how many children they are watching. Up to three children the price is unchanged, from 4 children onwards a person with different skills is obviously required, or more than one babysitter, so the price will increase. Likewise, the price is unchanged whether you work during the day or work in the evening.

Remember: the fees indicated by us are recommended fees based on market estimates and union minimums. It means that the parties, by mutual agreement, can always modify it. The parts of the employment relationship are intended as the parent, as a domestic employer, and the babysitter, as a domestic worker.

Do you need advice on the price? Write us at [email protected].

Le Cicogne are babysitters and nannies aged 18 and over.

Each of them has different abilities. Some are just starting out, others have decades of experience, some are university students, others are looking for a full-time job, some are bilingual or mother tongue and others have a car or a driving license.

All people who register through our portal must fill in a profile indicating the duties they are willing to fill and the requirements they possess, as well as having the possibility to enter their own description.

The selection is done directly by the parents who will be able to understand if the candidates reflect their needs especially thanks to the presence of feedback on their profiles. Feedback can only be given by registered parents who have actually worked and carried out an economic transaction through Le Cicogne.

We believe that the most important certification of all is the one provided directly by parents, but it is still possible to request “research and selection” as an extra paid service (starting from € 200) by our internal staff and the parent will only receive profiles that have already been verified and compatible.

In the e-mail you received with the confirmation of the appointment you will also find the phone number of the babysitter or nanny: you can call her or send her an sms and cancel the appointment. If you want a new babysitter to meet, all you have to do is publish a new proposal independently directly from your reserved area on the portal www.lecicogne.net .

It is not possible to modify the published proposal because the applications arrive in a few minutes (a few hours at most) and therefore the candidates may no longer be valid if the content of the job offer is modified. If the needs have changed, it will be necessary to hear the babysitters by phone, or talk to them directly during the interview, and understand if they are compatible despite the different requests. If the candidates are not available it will be necessary to publish a new proposal with the new needs and wait to receive new profiles within 24 hours.

Our network includes nannies and babysitters of all ages and available for different types of offers and needs. We can help you find the right person for these types:

  • Job offer “several times”:
    • Job offers with more than 25 hours per week
    • Job offers with less than 24 hours per week
    • Job offers that are occasional, with few weekly / monthly hours (all those offers for which a regularity is not foreseeable but the security that ther will be a few hours a week or a month, for example when the children are ill or for an evening out, and etc)
  • Once-only job offers: when it comes to a single need and you have not managed to organize in any other way and you think that the same person will almost certainly not be needed again for a similar occasion.
  • Last-minute job offers: a last-minute need? Something unexpected? A work or family emergency? Within 30 minutes maximum, you will be informed of the name of the best babysitter among the candidates. If there are no candidates, you will be notified within 30 minutes of your request.
    Last-minute proposals are considered to be all those with job performance requested within 24 hours after the publication of the job offer.

In addition, we want to help all families in finding a person who also takes care of the house. It is possible for this reason to also ask for domestic help without this, however, surpassing more than 50% of the hourly commitment.

The search for the babysitter on the portal www.lecicogne.net is completely free for all types of proposals. Our service concerns the use of technology, the payment system and the regularization of the domestic work relationship. These services are paid by the hourly fee (2,5 € per hour) or through a subscription (from 65 € per month to 390 € per year).

Click here to see all the rates.

In the e-mail you received with the confirmation of the appointment for the interview you will also find the telephone number of the candidate (from your private area click on the menu and then on “my proposals” and then on “show detail”): you can call her or send her a message and agree on a new appointment with her or cancel it entirely. If you want to meet new and different babysitters you will have to publish a new proposal.

Remember: it is necessary to deal directly with the modification or cancellation of appointments, we will not be able to deal with them with assistance via chat or via e-mail.

Yes, it is possible to find a babysitter even at very short notice (at least 1 hour).

You can publish a Last Minute proposal, for the day of the service or for the following day. Last Minute proposals are all those considered within 24 hours after the publication of your proposal.

Certainly yes: you can indicate if she must have a car or if you can make yours available.

It is necessary to request an equipped car babysitter if she has to pick up the children from school, bring them to sports, etc., if instead the car will not be used for the performance of work, or to bring the children in the car, but because the babysitter will have to work late at night or because the home is not well reached by public transport, you will not have to put the ticked car. This is because some babysitters have a scooter or can be accompanied. By ticking the car fitted feature you will exclude all candidates who do not have a car.

Yes, babysitters have a great wealth of experiences and are different from each other. Some of them speak multiple languages besides Italian. A simple babysitting in another language can provide conversation or repetitions to your children. When the proposal is published, it will be sufficient to specify the language that the babysitter must be able to speak: only candidates who know that language will apply.

The price will vary according to the request and the experience of the babysitter. For more information about prices click here.

Remember: the language level is not certified by us, ask the candidate to bring a language certificate or offer her to do the interview in the requested language.

Each babysitter has something to teach and can pass on her skills to your children. In the “description” section of the request form, at the time of filling it in, just write if you want the babysitter to help your child with everyday tasks, or if instead a babysitter with particular skills in one or more subjects is needed for effective repetitions.

From our long experience we have understood that payment is often a problem. Therefore we have created an innovative method to pay the babysitter without the use of cash: this will allow you to always keep under control the hours worked by the babysitter and not having to worry about the rest. In addition, you will enjoy insurance coverage on everything that could happen during the babysitter’s work and the service will always be in regulation (remember to provide the details necessary for the regularization of the report to INPS). The babysitter will be paid by card (we accept all major cards, including American Express) or account (IBAN) which you can enter on your profile.

Whenever the girl goes to work, she will check-in by entering the hourly wages agreed during the interview. Once finished working, click on check-out: the app will automatically calculate the compensation per second, send you an e-mail notification and pay the babysitter.

Remember: payments are made by default with daily frequency and with our service fee of € 2.5 per hour in addition to the babysitter fee. From your reserved area you can change both the payment method (card or account) and the payment frequency (daily or monthly). If you choose a subscription, the frequency will be automatically updated to monthly, the same if you choose the account (IBAN) as the payment method, the frequency will be automatically updated to monthly.

We accept payment with all credit card and prepaid card circuits: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express. It is also possible to pay for the babysitter via bank account (IBAN).

Absolutely yes. In order for the employment relationship to be regular, you will need to provide all the necessary information to allow us to make the communications due to INPS. Within your reserved area, follow the instructions to “regularize your babysitter” and fill in the form with the additional information requested:

  • personal data of the employer: name, surname, address of residence and domicile, tax code, place and date of birth, identity document with the identification number and expiry date.
  • personal data of the domestic worker: name, surname, home address, tax code, place and date of birth, identity document with the identification number and expiry date.
  • employment relationship data: weekly hours, start date, end date (only if fixed-term relationship), fixed-term / permanent contract, hourly wages.

Thanks to the information provided, the contract will be automatically delivered in word format so that you can modify it between the parties, if necessary, and sign it. From that moment on there will be:

  • paid monthly paychecks (by the 4th of each month)
  • M.Av. updated quarterly with the hours actually carried out by the babysitter, the bulletin must then be paid by the parent within the indicated deadline (by the 10th of the month following the reference quarter)
  • the ‘Certificazione Unica’ issued annually (by March of the year following the reference year).

Remember: It is the responsibility of the parties (parent and babysitter) to provide us with the data to allow us to proceed with the regularization. If you forget to provide the data to put the employment relationship in order, it is still possible to act retroactively up to 1 year (over one year with the INPS LD15 model). In case of relationships with late communication, beyond 5 days, INPS reserves the right to send any penalties. INPS Source

No, the only method of payment for our babysitters is by card or bank account, thanks to which you will not have any other problems, you will enjoy insurance coverage and you will have all expenses related to babysitting and our services under control.

To activate the Stork Insurance for children and home, it is sufficient for the babysitter to use the Le Cicogne app to count the working hours with the Check-in and Check-out system. Coverage is valid for the entire interval between check-in and check-out.

For example, if the Stork checked in at 01:00 pm on 01/01/2015 and checked out at 18:00 on the same day, any damage to property and people will be covered for that day between the beginning and the end of the work.

The claim must be communicated directly to us at Le Cicogne S.r.l. by writing an email to [email protected].

The claim can be made directly by e-mail by writing to [email protected]. You will be contacted immediately by our customer service.

Before sending us a claim, you need to make sure of a few things:

  • The accident must have occurred within the times indicated between check-in and check-out. Just one minute before or after check-in or check-out voids any request to open an accident.
  • As much evidence as possible should be sent. Where possible, it is preferable to show documents proving ownership of the damaged goods (in the case of damage to property):

For property damage:

  • Receipts, certificates of ownership, invoices and anything that can demonstrate the ownership and value of the property
  • Testimonials in the form of written memoirs, where possible
  • Photographic evidence dated

For personal injury:

  • Medical certificates with stamp and signature of the trusted doctor
  • Photographic evidence dated

It is the parents who determine whether the profile of a babysitter on our network has the right requirements for their needs. Our task is to allow you to express your requirements the best and ensure that the parent has all the information to be able to select you among the various candidates. Your job is therefore to answer all the questions in your profile in depth. Sign up now!

The Le Cicogne service is totally free for babysitters and nannies who register. For us you are the added value of the service: your qualities, experiences and references make Le Cicogne a network of professionals. Remember that you are the image of Le Cicogne. This is why we ask you for the maximum commitment and professionalism towards all the parents you will meet.

Know that our income comes from the parent who, in addition to paying your compensation through our technology, will also pay for:

  1. home and child insurance during your working hours,
  2. costs related to the regularization of your employment relationship,
  3. payment system and related transaction costs.

We are taking care of creating extra services for all babysitters and will keep you updated by e-mail. These services could include: tax return, profile certification, reference verification and much more.

To increase the possibility of being chosen by the parents, start by writing a good profile and choosing a close-up photo, bright and smiling. Remember that your profile is your business card, like your CV. Make parents understand why they should leave their baby to you. It is also very important not to apply for anything, but only for the proposals for which you are truly available and for which you meet the requirements.

It is not possible to apply for proposals for which you do not fully meet the requirements. If a job request requires the car and you don’t have it or if you are only available for some of the days indicated, then you do not have to apply.

Parents who come to us make different types of job offers:

  • Jobs offer “several times”:
    • Job offers with more than 25 hours per week
    • Job offers with less than 24 hours per week
    • Job offers that are occasional, with a few weekly / monthly hours (all those for which a regularity is not foreseeable but the security that there will be a few hours a week or a month, for example when the children are ill or for an evening out, and so on)
  • “Once only” job offers: when it comes to a single need and you think that the same person will almost certainly not be needed again for a similar occasion.
  • Last-minute job offers: a last-minute need? Something unexpected? A work or family emergency? Within 30 minutes at most, the name of the best babysitter among the candidates will be communicated. Last-minute proposals are considered to be all those with job performance requested within 24 hours after the publication of the job offer.

The proposals on the bulletin board are automatically filtered to be within a radius of 5 km from your address. To view more, go to the proposed bulletin board, click on “Show filters” and increase the km indicated. If you continue to see few proposals, it means that there are not many job offers in your city right now. Don’t worry, we always work to increase them every day!

Le Cicogne has always been concerned with ensuring that registered babysitters have a secure payment and an employment relationship in compliance with regulatory obligations. In this way you, the babysitter, will have the contributions paid and the insurance of INAIL to cover you in case of accident, as well as the security of receiving the holidays, the TFR and the 13th becomes directly included within your hourly wages.

Remember: regularization does not take place automatically unless you undertake to provide the necessary information such as name, surname, place and date of birth, tax code, home address, identity document (type, identification and expiry date).

After your application, within 24 hours, you will receive a positive or negative response for your application. In the event of a positive response, you will receive confirmation by e-mail of the appointment with the parent based on the options of dates and times you have chosen. Contact the parent immediately by phone (1 call) or by sms (in case he does not answer the phone, two calls at most are enough, send an sms introducing yourself and explaining why you called) to show professionalism and ask for confirmation of the day of the interview, time and address (remember to ask for the house number and the intercom). Know that the parent also receives an email with you confirming the appointment and your details.

Your profile is visible only to the parents of the job offers for which you are chosen. When you are chosen by our interview system, they will see your photo, your name and surname, your age, your description, your experiences, your characteristics and the area where you live (but not the exact address).

Every time you go to work with the family, you will need to open the app, click on check-in and select the family you are with by setting the hourly wages granted during the interview (the wages within the proposal are recommended by us is based on market statistics and union minimums, but you can change it in agreement with the parent, your employer). As soon as you have checked in via the app, your phone will become a stopwatch. The moment you finish working you will have to click on check-out and you will receive an email with a summary of your work. The fee will be charged the day after the performance on the parent’s payment method and you will see it credited in your reserved area on the portal www.lecicogne.net in the section my account. Once on available credit you can click on the transfer button and it will be sent to your IBAN. So remember to enter a valid IBAN.

Don’t have an IBAN? The easiest way to get it is to make a prepaid card (for example the PostePay Evolution). Otherwise you can open a completely free online account, now there are many available (for example: CheBanca, Fineco, N26, and many others).

Remember: the fee is always hourly and cannot be a monthly flat rate unless there is cohabitation. This is within the norm of housework.

You can go to “edit profile” by clicking on your name, and click on the “disable profile” button. Once your profile is deactivated, you will no longer receive communications from us. You can log in again at any time simply by using your email and password.

Us obviously! Access your reserved area on the portal www.lecicogne.net with your e-mail and password and write us via chat.

Every time you go to work with your parent, you will check in at the beginning, to record your entry time, and check out, to record the end of work time. As in large companies with the badge, this system allows you to count your presence. All this through the app Le Cicogne.

If you haven’t already done so, download the app (iOS and Android).

In the job description you will always find an indication of your hourly wages.

Remember: the prices in the proposals are recommended by us based on market statistics and union minimums. These prices are modifiable by the parties (parent and babysitter), the important thing is that there is an agreement. You can find average and indicative fees for the different types of job offers on the rates page.