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Cerchi lavoro come baby-sitter?



What should I pay and how much

We will guide you in understanding in a simple and transparent way the costs to be incurred: service costs, babysitting fee and INPS contributions. Below you can view them in detail and calculate them according to your needs.
Remember the registration and the search for the babysitter is free.

How much do our services cost?

Choose the option that’s right for you.


Ideal for occasional business relationships or up to 3 hours per week.

2,50 €/hour

Service charges blocked (as many hours as you want at no extra cost)


All our services in…

€ 60,00

All our services at 50% discount on the monthly subscription

€ 360,00

What do our services include?

  • Regularization to INPS upon completion of the appropriate form, communication of data provided by the parties and registration of the employment relationship
  • Transaction costs will not incur extra fees for transferring money from your card / account to the babysitter account
  • Insurance costs through RCT/RCO
  • Count of working hours through the free app for babysitters who will submit at the beginning and end of each service
  • Administrative management of contract issues, payroll, calculation and issue of MAV bulletins, ‘Certificazione Unica’, changes and termination
  • Customer support via chat for registered users, via telephone, when necessary, for paying users

Calculate the cost of your babysitter

The babysitting fee and the contributions are your responsibility. Hourly compensation is variable and depends on union minimums and the agreement between the parties. Calculate the cost of your babysitter with the calculator below. You can raise the hourly wages based on the tasks required and / or the experience of the domestic worker.

Hourly cost Monthly cost
Basic pay (union minimum)
Down payment future increases
Holiday rate
13th rate
TFR rate
Net remuneration (without accruals)
Gross salary (with accruals)
INPS contributions
Gross cost (with contributions)

Frequent questions

The consumption fee is charged only on the basis of the hours spent by the babysitter. So if the babysitter does not work there are none of our service costs. The subscription instead is a fixed cost regardless of the hours spent by the babysitter.

To save money. In the case in which the babysitter carries out more than 6 hours a week the cost of the monthly subscription becomes convenient, in the case of the annual subscription instead the saving is already with only 3 hours a week.

Up to a maximum of 3. The subscription is tied to the parent, not to the employment relationship.

The parent is the domestic employer and the babysitter is his / her domestic worker, therefore the employee.

Yes, the employer of the house worker can deduct the part for him.

The MAV bulletins are paid quarterly and are paid directly by the domestic employer respecting precise deadlines. The employer will receive the MAV bulletin within his private area a few days before the deadline. It will be updated based on the actual babysitting hours.

The services do not have a separate price, but it is a single price that includes both automatic payments, transaction costs, customer support and the issue of periodic documents.

Within the user reserved area, inside “my profile” and then “subscriptions”.

Yes, just register the babysitter for free on our portal so that we can associate it with your user and issue the necessary documents. As soon as the babysitter is registered, please notify us via chat in your private area.

Yes, just register the babysitter for free on our portal so that we can associate it with your user and issue the necessary documents. In addition, send us the contract and the INPS placement receipt via your chat in your reserved area. We will send you the proxy to sign to operate on your behalf.