Bonuses for domestic helpers and carers are coming soon. Confirmed that of the babysitter with some news. That's who is entitled to them. - Le Cicogne

Cerchi lavoro come baby-sitter?


Bonuses for domestic helpers and carers are coming soon. Confirmed that of the babysitter with some news. That’s who is entitled to them.

Let’s see the measurements in detail. 

What is and how does the bonus colf and carers coming with the May decree work? The text, still under study, contains a series of tools to support the income of families and workers previously excluded from the Dl Cura Italia. We refer in particular to domestic helpers and carers for whom the measure introduces a monthly allowance for April and May equal to 600 euros per month.

In the following lines we will outline the characteristics of the future bonus for domestic helpers and carers and of the revised version of the bonus for baby-sitting services already provided by “Cura Italia”, remembering that the May decree-law has yet to be enacted and we are therefore based on the latest draft in circulation.

Bonus Colf and carers: to whom it belongs
The bonus is given to domestic helpers, carers and babysitters provided that:

  • The person has an employment contract on 23 February 2020;
  • The beneficiary does not cohabit with the employer;
  • There has been a reduction in overall working hours of at least 25%.

How much is due
The amount of the bonus is equal to 400 euros per month for those who are holders of employment contracts that provide (overall) for a duration not exceeding 20 hours per week. The measure is increased to 600 euros per month if the hourly commitment is more than 20 hours per week. The bonus is envisaged for the April and May months up to a total amount of 800 or 1,200 euros, depending on whether you fall within the 400 or 600 euros monthly bracket. The allowance for domestic helpers and carers will be exempt from deductions for INPS contributions and taxes. At the same time, it will not contribute to the formation of the total income for tax purposes of the beneficiary.

Who pays

The domestic helpers and carers bonus will likely be paid by INPS, which will also take care of the collection of questions, as well as communicating the outcome. Following the system already tested with the benefits of the “Cura Italia” decree, domestic helpers and carers can apply:

  • Directly on the INPS website if in possession of PIN, CIE, CNS, SPID or simplified INPS PIN credentials;
  • Alternatively, the INPS Contact Centre will be active (credentials required in any case);
  • Third option: use patronage or authorised intermediaries (in this case no credentials are required).

When submitting applications, the interested party must specify the bank details on which to receive the bonus credit. In addition, INPS will be asked to provide a mobile phone number or pec address necessary to communicate the outcome of the application.

Bonus for baby sitting services
The “Maggio” Decree also deals with the bonus for baby-sitting services already introduced by the “Cura Italia” Decree in the amount of 600 euros, raised to 1,000 euros for healthcare personnel. According to the draft of the Decree, the bonus would be re-proposed and doubled: 1,200 euros raised to 2,000 euros for healthcare staff.

Moreover, the sums could be used not only for baby-sitting services, but also for the payment of subscriptions to:

  • Supplementary services for children;
  • Territorial social and educational services;
  • Centres with an educational and recreational function;
  • Supplementary or innovative early childhood services.

The bonus may also be used for summer centre enrolment fees.



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