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Cerchi lavoro come baby-sitter?


How much does it really cost to hire a babysitter?

The cost of a baby-sitter consists of three elements:

  1. Baby-sitter fee (70%)
  2. INPS contributions (20%)
  3. Service costs (10%)

The percentages are therefore indicative based on the final figures that will make it up.

In the first case this varies between 7 and 10 € per hour depending on:

  1. Experience (the more there is, the more cost increases)
  2. Tasks required (the more there are, the more cost increases)
  3. Weekly hours (the more there are, the lower cost becomes)

These figures are market averages that respect the union minimums; however the negotiation of a different price remains free between the parties. It should be remembered that the trade union minimum for the A Super level in domestic work is 5.45 € per hour and adding the accruals of 13th month, severance pay and holidays it reaches 6.80 € per hour. The babysitters will receive the accruals in the hourly rate through the Cicogne system, so the rates granted will include them and they will have to respect the union minimums (therefore not under 6.80 € per hour).

In the second case these vary between 1.04 and 2.12 € per hour and vary depending on:

  1. Price range (three bands)
  2. Type of contract determined/undetermined
  3. Number of hours per week +/- 25

Here are the details.

In the third case they are our service costs or other consultants or ad hoc realities, in our case these are:

  1. 60 € for the monthly subscription (2 € per day)
  2. 360 € for the annual subscription (1 € per day)

These obviously are appropriate in the case of recurring relationships, otherwise if you do not choose a subscription the cost of our services is € 2.5 per hour (in addition to the babysitting fee and INPS contributions). Monthly subscriptions are therefore suitable for more than 6 hours per week and annual subscriptions for more than 3 hours per week.

Here are the detail.


In order to make an estimation on a 10-hour-per-week permanent relationship, the total cost of a babysitter could be approximated as follows:

  1. Baby-sitter fee 8 € per hour (including 13th month, severance pay and holiday)
  2. INPS contributions 1.43 € per hour
  3. Le Cicogne service costs
  4. If with annual subscription € 0.70 per hour
  5. If with monthly subscription 1,40 € per hour
  7. If with annual subscription 10.13 € per hour
  8. If with monthly subscription 10.83 € per hour

On a one-day, fixed-term estimation in extraordinary cases of the child’s illness and need for private care at home:

  1. Baby-sitter fee 8 € per hour (including 13th, tfr and holiday)
  2. INPS contributions 1.53 € per hour
  3. Le Cicogne service costs with fee on consumption 2,50 € per hour
  4. GORD TOTAL 12.03 € per hour

Also remember that:

  1. Domestic work is very flexible and that the household and the house are protected and for this reason hiring for an indefinite period is more flexible, the notice is only 8 days (15 if the seniority of the relationship is more than 2 years). Beyond this, it is also cheaper (10 cents per hour for INPS contributions),
  2. INPS contributions from the employer are deductible in the tax return,
  3. If you dismiss the babysitter and she has worked for more than three months (with the relevant contributions paid) she will be entitled to NASPI for half the duration of the employment relationship and will be equal to about 70% of the compensation received,
  4. The domestic worker is covered by INAIL during working hours and on the home-work-home journey,
  5. The domestic worker is also drawing his pension…

In other words, it’s not only compulsory to regulate the domestic work relationship, but it’s also a good thing compared to undeclared work! Through Le Cicogne, once you have provided the necessary data via the form in your reserved area, you will no longer need to do anything else, you will receive all the mandatory documentation and you will have control of all attendance reports and related payments.

Regularize your baby-sitter here!


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