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10 activities and exercises at home to keep your children moving

  1. Animal Run
    Jump like a frog or a bunny, sway like a duck, crawl like a bear, walk like a crab and so on!
  2. Obstacle Course
    It might be a little chaotic, but it’s a super fun way for kids to play indoors and have fun! Some ideas for creating your own obstacle course could be using pillows to jump on, blankets to walk on, and furniture to get around.
  3. Balloons
    Blow up some balloons and try to keep them off the ground or play ball.
  4. Dance Party
    Play your kids’ favorite music and let loose! You can also freeze dance: stop the music and freeze in a pose until the music starts again. Anyone who doesn’t get stuck fast enough is out.
  5. Follow the leader
    Assign someone the role of leader and everyone else will have to follow what that particular person does. It can be as simple as walking around the house while jumping, stepping, and doing other energetic movements.
  6. Treasure Hunt
    Write down clues for the children and hide them in the house. See if they can figure out what the clues want them to do and reward them with a prize at the end.
  7. Playing with parents
    Plant your feet and see if your children can make you move or knock you down. For younger children, plant only one foot to facilitate them.
  8. Parachute
    Create a parachute using a sheet. They all grab one end and lift it up into the air so the kids can run under, or they all sit under the sheet as it falls on top of them.
  9. Bell
    Use duct tape or chalk to make a bell game on the floor or outside.
  10. Charade
    Children have to guess which movie character you are pretending to be, or you can simply pretend to be someone doing an activity (such as: going fishing or washing a car) and the children will have to guess what it is.


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