I 10 asili nido di Milano consigliati da Le Cicogne

Cerchi lavoro come baby-sitter?


The 10 best nurseries in Milan recommended by Le Cicogne

Dear Mum and Dad from Milan,

Are you looking for a nursery to take care of your children while you are at work but do not know who to turn to? Don’t worry! Le Cicogne have collected in this blog a list of tips for choosing the nursery school in Milan.

1. Clorofilla (zone 1): this nursery could be called a dream place. 400 square metres of garden with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, multi-sensory vegetation and indoor swimming pool. Here you will find bilingual teachers and pedagogical advice from Reggio Children. (Via Cesare da Sesto 5)


2. Mitades (zone 8): this structure is distinguished above all by the attention that will be paid to your children by the educators. In a very welcoming environment the children can enjoy many fun and creative activities such as graphics, manipulation and music. (Via Ferdinando Giorgi, 15)


3. Crescendo Insieme (zone 6): this bilingual nursery welcomes children from 3 months to 6 years old in a 200 square metre structure surrounded by greenery and based on an educational project focused on children’s needs and respect for their individual rhythms and times. (Via Leone Tolstoi, 72/74)


4. Uno, Due, Tre (zone 7): private nursery run by experienced staff. In this structure great space is given to creativity, your children will be struggling with finger paints, pencils, brushes, different types of cards, pongo, pizza dough, rice, yellow flour, glue and scissors and many other fun games. (Via Paolo Giovio, 6)


5. ICS Milan International School (various locations): KC stands for Knowledge & Culture and describes the intent of this facility which hosts up to 60 children aged 6 to 36 months. Here your children will benefit from a state-of-the-art educational programme entirely in English.


6. Rigo Tondo (zone 1): born out of the passion of Camilla and Valeria, the two founders, this nursery school offers children ample space, a delightful little courtyard and differentiated programmes every year to create an ever greater involvement on the part of the child. Inside, children will be able to sing, play, colour, paint, manipulate, play with puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, pretend to be cooks and magicians, raise high towers with buildings and dress up. (Foro Buonaparte, 20)


7. La Giocomotiva (various locations): a nursery, rather 4, an app that allows you to be constantly informed about the progress of the child’s day, periodic group meetings with the psychologist to deepen topics on parenting and many activities designed for children, make this structure one of the most interesting!


8. Il Giardino di Bez (zone 6): is a structure created as part of the project to build the BPM Service Centre to house the children of Banca Popolare di Milano employees as well as families who request it and has an agreement with the Municipality of Milan. It has a holistic and relational pedagogical orientation and is inspired by all the main contemporary educational theories. (Piazza F. Meda, 4)


9. Il nido di Sofia (zone 8): this nursery offers a garden of about 300 sqm and its spaces are divided according to the various activities proposed. From the soft corner with the small library, to the colour and music laboratory, from the baby food corner to the bedtime corner. Here are also organized many activities for mums and dads such as Yoga, theme nights and conversations. (Viale Teodorico, 8)


10. Bau…sette! (zone 6): from the basket of treasures to the heuristic game, from the transfer games with recycled materials to the manipulation and painting activities and even the culinary ones, these are just some of the activities proposed by this Association which boasts in its team figures such as psychotherapists, psychomotorist educators and even an art therapist. In this nursery, your child and his emotional and relational growth will be at the centre of the educational programme and you can rest assured that they will be in safe hands. (Via Soderini, 21)



But if that’s still not enough for you, if you are looking for someone to take care of your children even when the nursery is closed or if you are looking for someone to take them on many fun activities, remember that on our website you will always find the right babysitter for you!


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